Dwayne Johnson's 'Fast X' Return: Vin Diesel Reacts (Exclusive)

Diesel discussed the stunning Fast X credits scene, which featured Dwayne Johnson's comeback to the franchise as Agent Luke Hobbs, 

with ET's Matt Cohen on Saturday during the block party for Charlize Theron's Africa Outreach project in Los Angeles.

Johnson claimed in 2021 that there was "no chance" of him returning to star in a Fast & Furious movie after a social media argument between Diesel and Johnson;

instead, he planned to spin off his and Jason Statham's characters in a series of Hobbs & Shaw movies.

Johnson's return for the 11th Fast movie is all but confirmed by the Fast X post-credits scene,

In which Hobbs is called by the villain played by Jason Momoa and informed that he will be the next target.

When asked about the unexpected comeback, Diesel remarked, "We have such a great cast.

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