Early Box Office Results Show 'The Little Mermaid' Making Over $10 Million Read

According to our sources, Disney's The Little Mermaid, directed by Rob Marshall, is hitting a high note tonight with $10 million or more in preview sales. 

If the film's preview earnings top $10.8M, it will become the sixth highest grossing PG or G-rated film in movie history. A $120 million opening weekend

over Memorial Day weekend was predicted for the Halle Bailey film.Remember, the preview revenue comes from today's 3pm early shows and

the 6pm fan screenings at 500 premium screen cinemas on Wednesday.The preview number for The Little Mermaid is even more amazing than the preview

number for Disney's live action take on animated toon, Aladdin, which opened on Memorial Day weekend 2019 and did $7 million before grossing $31.3 million on its opening

Friday for a $116.8 million 4-day. The 2015 Cinderella, which opened to $23 million and $67.8 million on its opening day, was crushed by Little Mermaid's $2.3 million in previews (8PM start).

With a $63.7M Friday and a $174.7M opening, Little Mermaid is swimming slower than Disney's live-action Beauty and the Beast from 2017, which grossed $16.3M.

Many female-centric films, including the Twilight series, get a terrible rap because of how they treat their female audiences early on. However, once a Disney princess film with broad appeal gets going, it rarely stops.