Elizabeth Olsen Discusses Her Own Femininity as Candy Montgomery in 'Love & Death'

This story about Elizabeth Olsen and "Love & Death" initially featured in TheWrap's awards magazine's Limited Series/Movies edition.

What is it about Candy Montgomery that makes Hollywood fall in love with her? The story of a housewife-turned-accused ax killer has proven enticing,

with two high-profile limited series released in consecutive years. Hulu's "Candy," cocreated by Robin Veith and

Nick Antosca and starring Jessica Biel as the woman acquitted of slaughtering her lover's wife, premiered in 2022. 

There's also HBO Max's "Love & Death," an adaptation of the same gruesome story written and executive produced by David E. Kelley and starring Elizabeth Olsen.

Olsen's desire to put on Candy's blood-soaked flip-flops had less to do with what Montgomery did or didn't do and more to do with how she functioned. 

"The appeal for me is that I don't feel like I know how to use my femininity as a person in the world," said Olsen.

"And she is a lady who has spent her entire life manipulating her femininity to obtain what she wants.