Elizabeth Vargas Interrupts Sherri Shepherd Interview to Have Talk Show Host Remove Her Photo

The usually objective journalist Elizabeth Vargas, who was a guest on Sherri Shepherd's talk show today, did not hold back when expressing her disapproval of a picture that was used to advertise her new program.

Vargas appeared on Sherri to promote her NewsNation series, Elizabeth Vargas Reports; however, 

when a press image for the program appeared on screen behind her, she immediately requested that Shepherd cover it up.

Vargas reportedly told Shepherd, "I look like I just woke up," according to Entertainment Weekly. 

"Could we please fire that shot? That shot is awful. They helped me out of bed, dressed me, and told me to fold my arms.

Vargas's face is serious in the version of the photo that was used on Shepherd's show, but other versions of the photo that have been used to advertise the series show Vargas smiling.

Vargas didn't like the picture, but Shepherd tried to comfort her guest by saying, "When I looked at that, I was like, "You look formidable."

The rest of Vargas' conversation with Shepherd was cordial as they both reminisced about Barbara Walters, an ABC News coworker who appeared on The View with Shepherd. Vargas would take over for Walters as a co-host of 20/20.