Emilia Clarke trades dragons for The Seagull.

She is best known for her role as Game of Thrones' fearless Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons.

However, Emilia Clarke claims that she is "petrified" before making her stage debut in The Seagull on UK soil.

The BBC quotes her as saying, "I'm profoundly aware of the fact that there will be people who love Game of Thrones and are seeing it for that.

The biggest fear is that someone will say, "Well she can only act on camera, she clearly can't act on stage," which makes it ten times more terrifying.

The British actress, however, also hopes that by taking the stage in an 1895 play about a group .

Of lonely Russians who live on a remote country estate, she will inspire a new audience to attend plays.

I'm hoping they'll arrive and depart saying, 'We just came to see the Mother of Dragons, oh how frustrating, she's not on a dragon, this isn't what I paid for.

"But hopefully they get to enjoy this play that they might not have seen otherwise as a kind of little extra," said the actor.