Every View at Kelly Ripa's Glorious NYC Residence with Mark Consuelo

During their 27-year (and counting!) marriage, Kelly Ripa and Mark. 

Consuelos have made New York City their home with their three.  

Children Michael, 25, Lola, 21, and Joaquin, 20. Using Instagram. 

Ripa frequently posts images of the gorgeous home she and her.  

Husband share, including their opulent entrance and enormous. 

Bedroom Check it out inside!In May, when Consuelos had returned from a trip to Italy.

Ripa posted a cute video of their dog Lena gushingly welcoming him at the door. The metallic flowery.  

Wallpaper decorated the smaller entryway going outside as she swept around the large foyer, exposing all its striking intricacies.