Explaining Terminator 7's Surprise New Script by James Cameron

James Cameron's Terminator franchise is still strongly embedded in the minds of American moviegoers despite a string of critical and commercial flops.

The Terminator franchise, like the Star Wars or Indiana Jones series, has attempted to capitalize on prior hits by leveraging aging star power and a well-known setting. 

Contrary to many of those other properties, the Terminator series has attempted to reinvent itself with every new installment,

leading to muddled timelines and pointless stories that have left fans of the first two movies utterly unhappy.

The Terminator franchise simply won't fade away after so many box office duds and critical crucifixions, unlike its eponymous android. 

In truth, each sequel has tried to recapture the magic of The Terminator and Terminator 2: 

Judgment Day, drawing prominent performers and enormous studio budgets. 

Even though Terminator: Dark Fate, which debuted in 2019, cost its studios over $120M at the box office, rumors about how the brand can be revived (again) have already started.