Ezekiel Elliott's replacement may be a retired legend.

He was raised in Texas, wowed Jerry Jones, and is still actively competing in the NFL. In the wake of Ezekiel Elliott's release,

former Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson seems like a stealthy under-the-radar

pick-up for the Dallas Cowboys, but for now, everything is speculation.

On the one hand, the Cowboys would be crazy to bring in a 38-year-old running back in 2023,

especially one who hasn't played a significant role since before COVID. In 2021, Peterson briefly played

for the Titans and Seahawks, accumulating just 38 touches for 100 yards. Who's to say today's ground game won't be affected by him?

Peterson claims that he isn't quite done playing in the NFL and that he isn't quite ready to put his cleats away just yet.

Teams may be scrambling to recruit veteran stopgap running backs this offseason in the event