Fans Demand Netflix Sell Show's Rights Again Warrior Nun, Netflix

Fans want Netflix to sell the rights to a show that was cancelled, which makes the show trend again. Warrior Nun is a Netflix show.

Fans are making Warrior Nun hot again by asking Netflix to sell the show's rights to another streaming service. 

The first season of Warrior Nun came out in June 2020, and the second season came out in November 2022. 

Netflix said in December 2022 that they wouldn't renew the show for a third season. This led to a huge effort by Warrior Nun fans to save the show, which included billboards, murals, petitions, and trending Twitter topics.

The latest step in the movement to save Warrior Nun is the phrase "NETFLIX SELL THE RIGHTS," which is popular on Twitter.

Fans are using this phrase to demand that Netflix sell the rights to the show to another broadcaster. 

There are now more than 25,000 posts with this line, and the number keeps going up. 

the reaction to the cancellation of Warrior Nun has been unlike anything the streaming service has ever seen.

 Warrior Nun fans were upset when Netflix posted a picture on Instagram criticizing how most of the comments on their posts were made.

 Audiences were asking for their favorite shows to be saved, which made users yell at the streaming service and caused many to stop paying for it.