Fight Us, the Avengers' lowest-grossing film, was the best.

Forget about Avengers: Endgame; this film has contributed more to the MCU's growth than any other.

Marvel films are fairly predictable because they all have the same design aesthetic, the same main cast, and an almost always heroic happy ending.

On the other hand, each film has a unique tone, some ideas that are out of the ordinary for the overall idea,

and each film contains something that wasn't in the previous ones. And Avengers: Age of Ultron's strength lies in these distinctions.

The Avengers sequel Age of Ultron had the lowest box office results. While the others never fell below $1.5 billion in sales, it brought in $1.4 billion.

You're prepared for this discussion, but Age of Ultron remains the best Avengers film.

The focus on detail and the characters' deeper character development were the second Avengers movie's main advantages.

In this film, the superheroes are more than just comic book characters; they also have inner demons, issues, and neuroses. They are also prone to frustration, panic attacks, and giving in to the pressure of fond memories.