Florida anti-LGBTQ lawmaker attends Pride. What happened?

Last weekend, a Florida State Rep. waved a rainbow flag during the Miami Beach Pride march to promote the LGBTQ+ community.

Republican Rep. Fabián Basabe was not well-received. The District 106 delegate shared a YouTube video of himself laughing and waving from a convertible at the parade.

His video doesn't reveal all. The crowd booed and called for his resignation.

A moderate Republican campaign got Basabe elected in November 2022. His Democratic opponent lost by 200 votes. laid off hundreds of workers.

Basabe has voted party-line since gaining office. Several anti-LGBTQ+ measures were included.

Hail queens! I voted to defend drag artists, who don't need cheap thrills and improprieties to steal the show! "Let's distinguish true entertainers from activists turned agitators," he stated on Facebook.

Equality Florida has consistently opposed anti-LGBTQ+ legislation in the Florida House. The organization was outraged when the state expanded its "Parental Rights In Education" statute (the "Don't Say Gay" bill) to all school years.

Equality Florida protested outside Basabe's office last week. It accuses him of abandoning LGBTQ+ community support.