Following the announcement that a sequel to "Beetlejuice" will be made, here is everything that we know about the Jenna Ortega project: 

It might seem strange and unusual to have to wait 36 years for a movie sequel,  

but that is exactly what we are getting from Tim Burton's 1988 blockbuster Beetlejuice. 

it sort of blends in with the bizarre horror-comedy-fantasy movie. 

The sequel, Beetlejuice 2, is finally happening after literally decades of trying to make it happen (with some big name actors signed on, 

both new and returning). Oh my goodness, the trip to get here was long.

According to legend, Tim Burton hired a writer for the follow-up in 1990. 

It was titled Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian and was reportedly set in Hawaii. 

The sequel was abandoned after several years of rewrite attempts. In 2011, Warner Bros.