"Golden State Greats: Top 10"

Tim Hardaway: – Selected as the 14th overall pick in the 1989 NBA Draft – Recognized as a member of the 1990 NBA All-Rookie First Team – Three-time All-Star for the Golden State Warrior

Chris Mullin: – Joined the Golden State Warriors in 1985 after being drafted – Accumulated five NBA All-Star appearance – Achieved All-NBA First Team honors in 1992

Klay Thompson: – Holds NBA records for most points in a quarter (37) and most three-pointers in a game (14) – Selected for the NBA All-Star Game five time – Named to the 2019 NBA All-Defensive Second Team

Neil Johnston: – Contributed to the Philadelphia Warriors' 1956 NBA championship victory – Garnered six NBA All-Star selection – Earned a place on the All-NBA First Team four time

Nate Thurmond: – Drafted as the third overall pick by the Warriors in 1963 – Accumulated seven NBA All-Star appearance – Named to the NBA All-Defensive First or Second Team five time

Draymond Green: – Four-time NBA All-Star – Recognized with All-NBA Second Team honors in 2016 – Awarded the NBA Defensive Player of the Year title in 2017

Paul Arizin: – Played his entire ten-year NBA career with the Philadelphia Warrior – Ten-time NBA All-Star – Selected for the All-NBA First Team three time

Rick Barry: – Led the Warriors to their 1975 NBA championship victory and was named Finals MVP – Eight-time NBA All-Star – Five-time All-NBA First Team member

Wilt Chamberlain: – Recognized with four All-NBA First Team selections during his time with the Warrior – Named the NBA Most Valuable Player in 1960 – Achieved a historic 100-point game in 1962

Stephen Curry: – Two-time NBA Most Valuable Player – Two-time scoring champion – Nine-time NBA All-Star – Four-time All-NBA First Team member