Hidden Strike Trailer: Jackie Chan and John Cena Mad Max-Style Action-Comedy

In the trailer for the impending action comedy Hidden Strike, John Cena and the great Jackie Chan wreck havoc ala Mad Max. 

The Hidden Strike trailer features Jackie Chan and John Cena working.  

Together in an action comedy with a Mad Max feel. who is Chan  became a celebrity in Hong Kong due to.

His life-threatening performances in legendary martial arts movies throughout the '70s.  

And '80s, first established himself as a legitimate Hollywood action hero when he co-starred with Chris Tucker in the blockbuster 1998. 

Picture Rush Hour. Chan is still working as an international star at the age of 69, and Rush Hour 4 is still in the works. 

Chan has planned an action-packed teaming with Peacemaker actor Cena in. 

Hidden Strike, which recently debuted a trailer (via Rapid Trailers), while fans wait for Rush Hour 4 to come.