How the different zodiac signs express love in a relationship


You believe in stating your opinion rather than making overt displays of affection. 


A Taurean is steadfast and devoted, and they are never in doubt about who they want to be with.


Gemini, the zodiac's social butterfly, may have difficulty discovering the one they want, but once they do, there is no turning back.


Deeply sensitive and intuitive in equal measure, love for a Cancerian entails getting to know their spouse on a deeper level through long, meaningful interactions. 


Grand gestures come naturally to Leos because they are natural born leaders. When they are in love, they like to flaunt it to the rest of the world. 


As innate perfectionists with an eye for detail, nothing escapes the notice of a Virgo, even what you like and dislike. 


Expect wonderful love' if you're dating a Libran. They realize their greatest potential when they are in a committed relationship because they are kind, peaceful, and balanced.


When a Scorpio falls in love, the flame flares. However, they aren't the best at expressing their emotions, so you might,


A free-spirited Sagittarian is difficult to pin down, but once you're with them, you'll discover that every day is an adventure.


This sign is responsible and grounded, and they don't let others in easy, but when they do, they prefer to let their deeds speak for themselves. 


Aquarius' rebel-without-a-cause mentality makes them difficult to anticipate, and their great feeling of freedom makes them leery of being imprisoned in a relationship.


As the hopeless romantic, it's no wonder that Pisces prioritizes others in a relationship—which means they've definitely had their heart broken in the past.