Humanoid Robot's Response to AI Overtaking World Is Disturbing

Without getting too technical, one might think that this scene is a gripping scene from a modern science fiction film. 

The 'world's most advanced humanoid robot,' however, is a genuine invention and can actually carry on a conversation. 

Ameca's capabilities were recently highlighted by the release of a new video.

By its creators showcasing the exceptional language abilities of their invention.

Ameca is asked about her linguistic skills in the video.

She replies with assurance that she can speak "many languages" and then proceeds to demonstrate her command of a wide range of linguistic expressions. 

Ameca speaks American English, British English, French, Chinese, German, and Japanese with ease, astounds the audience with her multilingual skills.

The 'world's most advanced robot,' according to Engineered Arts, a startup company based in Cornwall, is named Ameca.