I Rewatched Beetlejuice and Want to Discuss Makeup and Special Effects.

I've seen most of Tim Burton's top films at least once as a fan of his work. Some of my all-time favorite movies include Big Fish,

Edward Scissorhands, and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. 

Then there are other Burton films that I haven't always liked or appreciated enough to watch more than once. One of those is Beetlejuice.

Although I can't recall the last time I watched Beetlejuice, I'm sure it's been at least a couple of decades.

When I watched Beetlejuice again in preparation for the release of Beetlejuice 2,

 I was much more aware of and appreciative of the film's technical accomplishments than I had been when I was younger.

Let's talk about the incredible makeup and special effects in Beetlejuice.  

Beetlejuice's makeup department thrived on ghosts, dead, and other creatures. Many appear in waiting room scenes. From a smoking man to bright-skinned women with mutilated limbs, we see it all.