In the New Barbie Trailer, Margot Robbie Gets a Dose of Reality

Barbie is pumped up to celebrate and reflect on her own mortality. The latest trailer for Greta Gerwig's upcoming Barbie film features Margot Robbie's (in the title role) existential crisis.

After a cold shower, a fall off the roof, and the loss of her perfectly arched feet, Barbie is seen in the trailer doubting everything. 

Soon enough, Robbie's Barbie runs with Kate McKinnon's older Barbie doll and is forced to make a decision: continue living in Barbieland or don a pair of Birkenstocks,

leave the house, and go out into the world to "know the truth about the universe." According to Robbie's Vogue cover story, Gerwig has been sending her

episodes of This American Life about Barbie and has even written abstract poetry on the doll. 

The film draws in part from Reviving Ophelia, a 1994 best-seller about the changes that occur in the lives of American girls at adolescence.

How can a teen girl's feelings about this experience be the same as mine? Vogue was the question that Gerwig posed. Suddenly, she had the thought, "Oh, I'm not good enough."

The teaser gives the impression that Barbie, along with Ryan Gosling's Ken, is in for a world of hurt when they arrive in the real world.