In "The Soloist," Jamie Foxx said that drug use significantly increased his anxiety.

The Soloist stars Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr. Foxx gave the film his complete focus. 

The movie made him think of a tragic incident.In the 2009 movie The Soloist, Foxx portrays a homeless. 

Musician with schizophrenia. Foxx engaged in rigorous physical and mental preparation for the part. 

The mental state of Foxx's character brought up recollections of his drug-addled past.

I was pranked and left. Foxx told Collider that he went to the hospital and was in college.

PCP was used to scare Foxx.Foxx said, “It makes you feel like your worst nightmares, like you’re afraid of the dark. 

All the things you’ve seen on television. In The Soloist, the drug still affected him.

The movie is similar to my 20-year-old experience. Foxx said, "When I play a part like that, I get anxious."