Insider Said Kevin Costner's Ex-Wife Warned Him to Quit "Yellowstone" "Or Else

Fans of the immensely popular Paramount Network neo-western "Yellowstone" are going through a difficult time as it has been announced

that the series will end much sooner than expected, supposedly owing to scheduling conflicts with Kevin Costner and other rumored production issues. 

It's certainly a far more difficult moment for the actor, who was apparently taken by surprise when his wife Christine Baumgartner filed for divorce 

when he was in the early stages of filming the second installment of his planned quartet of "Horizon" westerns.

As details are uncovered, a report from the latter half of 2022 has resurfaced, claiming that Baumgartner gave the

Emmy-winning actor the option of choosing to either say goodbye to John Dutton or to their relationship.

It's still not entirely clear how likely those rumors were to be true, given that Christine Baumgartner hasn't made a list 

the grounds for her divorce from her husband of almost 20 years public. However, the way events have unfolded over the past few months may rule out the possibility that the rumor was simply coincidental.