Jamie and Claire Have a Rare Safe Moment in Outlander Season 7 

Followers of Outlander, get ready: In the Season 7 sneak peek at the top of this article, 

the Frasers are having a passionate pre-bedtime conversation. that's all, then. 

Nothing aggressive. no fear of dying. No invasion from a famine, illness, or war occurred. Certainly a welcome change of pace.

Starz released the footage in honor of World Outlander Day and the show's discussion at the ATX Festival on Thursday.  

In the aforementioned video, Jamie can be seen waiting for Claire to go to sleep. 

He informs her that he has dreamed of her in her own time while she completes her evening  ,

routine and goes on to explain how he is aware that he is seeing an unrealized future.

Season 7 of the show, which debuts on Friday, June 16 at 8/7c,