Jaren Jackson Jr. Opens Up About the Ja Morant Situation

Jaren Jackson Jr. of the Memphis Grizzlies joined Paul George of the Los Angeles Clippers on the latest episode of Wave Sports and Entertainment's Podcast P. 

The two players discussed a variety of things, including Ja Morant's current circumstances."[Ja Mortant] is fine.

Growing up with this much attention on you, especially when you're this young, is a lot to deal with. 

I mean, you're always going to make mistakes as you get older, and people have to recognize that you're the most popular player at this age,

possibly ever potentially... It's completely insane. A number of things that were legal back then are now illegal.

You have to be a certain way... People must always remember that everyone is human."

"That's my brother, though," Jackson Jr. said of his bond with Morant and how the Grizzlies guard will respond next season.

I stand behind my brother no matter what, and I think that's the lesson everyone should take away from this... Everyone will say anything they want,