Jenna Ortega discusses the evil side of social media: 'It's quite manipulative.'

Jenna Ortega may be a streaming darling, but the actress is opening up about her life as a digital superstar.

During an interview with Variety's Actors on Actors, which was released on Wednesday, Ortega, 

who plays Wednesday Addams on Netflix's blockbuster dark comedy "Wednesday,"

opened up to actor Elle Fanning about her relationship with social media, which she described as "ugly."

"Even after shooting 'Wednesday,' when I was auditioning for different roles, they would come to my team and say,

'We like her, but we just don't know if she has enough of a platform or a name,'" Ortega explained. 

"And social media, it's such a comparing game for anyone our age." It almost has an effect on bandwagon mentality. It's quite manipulative."

Ortega stated that she has been more cautious and concerned about how she expresses herself on social media.