Jennifer Lopez in Ben Affleck's "Unstoppable" 

Unstoppable, a film directed by Ben Affleck and starring his wife Jennifer Lopez, 

is currently experiencing significant development delays due to the fight between the authors and studios. 

The ongoing Writers Guild of America strike has a tremendous impact on the Hollywood landscape and has affected numerous projects.

As a result of the standoff, the production of Ben Affleck's most recent film has been temporarily halted.  

According to Deadline, the film's shooting on Wednesday was halted when picketers filmed at the spot where they were shooting close to USC.

Since it's unknown when filming will resume, Unstoppable is in a precarious situation. 

But after the strike is over, if not sooner, it's anticipated that everything will get back to normal.  

This situation's resolution can be in doubt. This frequently exemplifies how unpredictable the film industry is,