Jeremy Strong Says Kendall's 'Succession' Ending Was Almost Bleaker: 'There's No Coming Back From This' 

In the UK, Taylor Swift is poised to dominate the top 10.

Not everything turned out the way Kendall Roy (played to perfection by Jeremy Strong) had hoped. 

In the UK, Taylor Swift is poised to dominate the top 10.

telling Kara Swisher on the official "Succession" podcast: "It always to me felt like there's no coming back from this."

Following are spoilers for the "Succession" season finale. As the episode comes to a close, Kendall is left alone and forlorn in a public park,

staring out at the slate gray lake after failing in his attempt to stop the sale to tech oddball Lukas Matsson (Alexander Skarsgrd) and losing the chance to head the corporation that his father had once given him. 

Only Colin (Scott Nicholson), his father's former driver and current employee, is present. He is a man who is helpless and alone. 

He is alone with one person who works for him. It's not very hopeful. But things could have been much worse.

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