Jimmy Butler Answers Nikola Jokic's Defense Honesty

Nikola Jokic's offensive game—the Sombor Shuffle, triple-doubles, and hail mary buzzer beaters—is usually all that is noticed.

People overlook his defensive abilities, such as the game-saving blocks he's made in previous seasons. 

Jimmy Butler, on the other hand, never forgets. During a press conference today, Butler discussed Jokic's

"As much as people look at what he does on the offensive end, he's a hellified defender as well," Butler added.

Coming from Butler, it should mean a lot to show how good Nikola Jokic's defense is. For years,

 many have criticized the Denver Nuggets for not being a strong enough defensive squad, even as far back as the 2020 season. 

Since then, Jokic has greatly developed as a defender, and the team has recruited two excellent defenders in Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Aaron Gordon.

The Denver Nuggets have gone from being a club not recognized for their defense to reducing the Miami Heat to its lowest-scoring playoff game in the NBA Finals.