The controversy surrounding Jimmy Kimmel's purported termination from ABC.

Recent episodes of Jimmy Kimmel Live! gave the impression that Jimmy Kimml had been dismissed by ABC.

Jimmy Kimmel has always been known for his controversial remarks as a late-night television presenter.

Jimmy Kimmel, the presenter of a late-night talk show, has always been known for his controversial comments and edgy humor.

 In a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, it appeared that ABC had decided to part ways with the comedian. However, the situation was not as it appeared.

One of the most prominent controversies involved his past appearances in blackface, which resurfaced and prompted discussions about cultural sensitivity.

 His treatment of Megan Fox on his program drew criticism, as did Quinta Brunson's stunt when she won her Emmy.

Nevertheless, despite the controversies and a history of tasteless comedy stunts, Jimmy Kimmel has not suffered the same fate as Tucker Carlson, who was dismissed from Fox News.