JJ Redick throws a fiery jab at Ja Morant on ESPN: 'I did not breach any laws!'

JJ Redick pushed vehemently against tossing the book at Ja Morant. Morant has been barred from Grizzlies team activities after flashing a gun again in an Instagram Live video on Saturday,

and Redick's ESPN colleague Adrian Wojnarowski has stated that a "lengthy suspension" is in the works.

On "First Take" on Wednesday, Redick acknowledged that Morant has been accused of having a violent incident with a teen in a pickup basketball game, 

threatening a mall security guard, and members of his circle pointing a red laser at the Pacers traveling party — but that Morant has not been charged with a crime in any of those situations.

"I do not condone the behavior." I'm not advocating for no punishment. There should be repercussions.

You are the league's public face. You are the NBA's representative. You serve as a role model for young children.

All of it. "I don't think [being suspended for] half the season is the right answer," Redick stated, reacting to Chris "Mad Dog" Russo's suggestion that Morant be suspended for 40 games next season.

Redick then shifted his focus to Republican government figures that use and/or promote firearms in their political rhetoric."Right now, gun culture is pervasive in our country."