Jodie Comer Leaves ‘Prima Facie’ Broadway Performance After 10 Minutes, Says She ‘Can’t Breathe’ NYC Air Crisis

Jodie Comer is receiving amazing accolades for her performance in the one-woman Broadway play "Prima Facie,

" but her June 7 performance was curtailed short due to New York City's air quality crisis.

According to witnesses, Comer told the audience that she couldn't breathe due of the air, and

a stage manager assisted her off stage around 10 minutes into the matinée performance.

A spokeswoman for the production confirmed to Variety that the show resumed from the beginning with Comer's understudy Dani Arlington taking up the part.

As a result of Canadian wildfire smoke traveling in its direction, New York City is experiencing poor air quality for the second day in a row. 

The city is bathed in golden light, and the air is thick with smoke and smells like a burning campfire.

"Prima Facie" has received four Tony Award nominations, including one for Comer's performance as a lawyer.