'John Wick 3' has added Halle Berry to the cast.

On Monday, Halley Berry confirmed on Instagram that she will star in John Wick 3. The May 17, 2019 film stars Berry as Sofia.

John Wick follows Keanu Reeves's lethal hitman. The third picture will be directed by Chad Stahelski, 

who co-directed the 2014 hit with David Leitch and helmed the 2017 sequel alone.

In the first part, Wick kills the Russian mob that employed him to avenge his dog's murder. After receiving a bounty, Wick flees in the sequel. He flees in the new film.

“The story picks up after Chapter 2, which sees Wick, a former assassin who tried and failed to live the quiet life, with a $14 million price tag on his head and an army of bounty-hunting killers on his trail,” Hollywood Reporter stated

“After killing a member of the shadowy international assassin’s guild, the High Table, John Wick is excommunicado, but the world’s most ruthless hitmen and women await his every turn.”

Berry joins Ian McShane, Lance Reddick, Ruby Rose, Laurence Fishburne, and Common. Anjelica Houston, Asia Kate Dillon, Mark Dacascos, and Jason Mantzoukas joined the latest film.