"John Wick Can't Hang With This Guy"—Keanu Reeves. Chapter 4: Donnie Yen Fight Change. 

John Wick's fourth chapter's creator After seeing Donnie Yen in action, 

Chad Stahelski explains why Keanu Reeves asked for some last-minute changes to their significant opening brawl. 

The fourth installment of the popular action series features Keanu Reeves reprising  ,

his role as the hitman to take down Bill Skarsgrd's Marquis, a brand-new adversary.  

Yen, who plays Caine, a blind assassin entrusted with killing Wick, 

is another newbie to the cast of John Wick: Chapter 4.

Stahelski says that John and Caine's initial encounter in the Osaka Continental was  ,

originally going to be very different in an interview with CinemaBlend.