Kate Beckinsale  Wore Cannes Sheer Micro-Shorts. 

Greetings, sheer bodysuit; farewell, sheer dress! In response to Kate Beckinsale's request for glitter and legs, 

her costume designer said, "Bet."To the red carpet premiere of The Pot au Feu at the Cannes Film Festival,

Beckinsale wore a sheer, embroidered bodysuit with long sleeves and short shorts. 

The color can only be described as the shade of every teen girl's dream car from the 2000s. 

It's actually not so revealing because of the crystal accents and chandelier-like strings of beads. 

Reminds me a little bit of the sheer dress Beckinsale wore in March or Taylor Swift's bodysuit from the cover art of her newest collaboration with Ice Spice. 

Even yet, it can't compete with Irina Shayk's levels of transparency, 

who finished the day in little more than underpants and, like, a piece of netting.