Keanu Reeves' $350M Saved by Marvel Director John Wick's Sandra Bullock Thriller. Actor Famous 

Currently, one of Hollywood's most coveted and bankable actors is Keanu Reeves.  

The actor has solidified his position among other A-listers in the industry as the undisputed king of franchises. 

Reeves is a reliable hit maker, as seen by the box office success of The Matrix series and the John Wick movies. 

Keanu Reeves' major break as an action star came with his appearance in Jan De Bont's thriller Speed, 

in which the actor co-starred with Sandra Bullock, before being propelled to superstardom with these franchises. 

It's interesting to note that the part played by The Devil's Advocate actor in the movie ,

was written considerably differently in the first draft and later improved by a future Marvel director. 

Jan De Bont's Speed was a hit due to Keanu Reeves' charisma and exhilarating action.