Kelly Clarkson claims that moving her daytime show to New York was "100%" her decision.

The Kelly Clarkson Show was moved from Los Angeles to New York, according to Kelly Clarkson, in order for her to be closer to her family in North Carolina and to start over.

The singer and host of The Kelly Clarkson show recently made an appearance on TalkShopLive,

where she spoke candidly with Nancy O'Dell about creating the post-divorce record and her new album Chemistry. 

She also joked that as she moved to the East Coast during the approximately 40-minute talk, she may take her skills to Broadway.

But it wasn't until approximately halfway through the conversation that Clarkson responded to a query regarding her choice to move the midday program to New York.

The singer and TV personality will now film in Studio 6A at the NBC Studios at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, as was previously reported in May.

She recalled breaking the news to her staff back in January, adding, "I even talked to my crew about [this]," as she choked back tears.

Naturally, we've had a lot of success, and since I adore my coworkers and our relationships are fantastic, I spoke with them to let them know what was going on.