Kelly Reilly Leaving 'Yellowstone'? Her Cryptic Instagram Post Scares Fans

In Yellowstone's season 3 finale, Beth Dutton's office was bombed, raising questions about her survival. 

Season 4 has begun filming, however Kelly Reilly (Beth) is not. 

Without Beth, Season 4 will air next summer. 

Yellowstone season 3's cliffhanger raised more questions than it answered.  

A bomb burst in Beth's office, gunmen raided Kayce's office, and a stranger shot John in minutes.  

Yellowstone fans can't wait till season 4 to figure out what caused the violence—some blame Jamie, others Market Equities. Will everyone live? 

After the season 3 finale, fans saw Kelly Reilly's Instagram post, in which she called the episode a "wild ride." Past tense.