Kyle Reese Was Betrayed by Terminator's Rebellion.

The Terminator franchise's genuine savior, Kyle Reese, got the short end of the stick, as shown in one extended-lore story that shows humanity's uprising abandoned him with one horrible decision.

Kyle Reese, a future Skynet resistance member, was sent back in time to save Sarah Connor from a time-traveling Terminator.

The T-800 death machine was programmed to assassinate Sarah Connor since she is the mother of John Connor, humanity's resistance commander.

Without John, Skynet thinks humans are easy to kill. Skynet didn't expect Kyle Reese to save Sarah. Kyle killed the Terminator and saved Sarah, but he did more.

Sarah and Kyle fell in love throughout the assignment, and one night they had sex, resulting in Sarah's pregnancy with John.

Kyle was sent back to save Sarah and personally assure John's survival.

Kyle Reese tragically perished when the Terminator was destroyed and Sarah became pregnant. However, his death was completely unnecessary.

Kyle Reese Didn't Need to Die, and 1 Terminator Story Proves It Terminator's ultimate weapon.