Lana Del Rey Requested Assistance from the Audience in Locating Her Vape: Watch

When Lana Del Rey performed in Brazil, there was no snow on the beach. However, there was an issue with a missing vape.

Lana's play was presented to the public at the MITA Festival in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday (May 27), her first live performance in more than three years.

As the alternative pop artist and her band began to play "Norman F—ing Rockwell," she made an audible remark: "And also, if you see my vape on stage, can you find my vape on stage?"

Del Rey may be heard conversing with someone up front in a video of the event. "Did you? But where exactly? Oh, all the way down there?"

She had no intention of coming there. "F— it," she admitted defeat.   Del Rey is prone to misplacing her vaping gear.

According to Page Six, she died while attending a concert in Portland in 2019. Del Rey interrupted proceedings, similar to what happened in Rio,

to begin the hunt. "Where's my f—ing vape?" says the furious vaper. — which resulted in Del Rey giving up and continuing with her set.

Aside from his forgetfulness, Del Rey has a lot to be joyful about. Her belated 2012 album, "Say Yes To Heaven," debuted in the U.K. top 10, and a fresh edit of her collaboration with Taylor Swift, "Snow On The Beach,"