Leonardo DiCaprio Ignoring Party Friends for Gigi Hadid?

Leonardo DiCaprio, who was originally associated with supermodel Gigi Hadid in September 2022 during New York Fashion Week, as reportedly been spending too much time with her and not enough with his friends.

At the Cannes Film Festival, Leonardo DiCaprio premiered The Killers of the Flower

MooAccording to a fresh allegation, the Titanic actor is neglecting his party buddies, who are furious. Read on.

Leonardo DiCaprio was first linked to supermodel Gigi Hadid in September 2022, during New York Fashion Week. According to reports, he has been spending so much time with her that he doesn't have time for his close friends. 

A new story says that the star of "Titanic" has been ignoring his party friends, and that they are upset that he has been ignoring them. For more, read on.

Leonardo DiCaprio was recently seen at the Cannes Film Festival for the opening of his new movie, The Killers of the Flower Moon.

 Martin Scorsese, who works with him often, is in charge of the much-anticipated movie. Robert De Niro and Lily Gladstone also play important parts.