Lily-Rose Depp Was Comfortable Doing Naked Scenes in "The Idol": “I Like...” 

In her new TV drama "The Idol," Lily-Rose Depp said she was "comfortable" getting n*ked for explicit sequences.

The show has drawn criticism for its raunchy sex scenes, which star the daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa  ,

Paradis as a pop star trying to make a comeback opposite real-life musician Abel 'The Weeknd' Tesfaye. 

However, Lily-Rose, 24, is adamant that she didn't feel exploited while filming such provocative material. 

According to Lily-Rose Depp, many women have felt exploited by the n*dity they have engaged in and have thought,  

"I didn't feel fantastic about that. But I feel at ease and like performing that way. It gave the character knowledge. 

."There is the implication that the risque aspects are something that is consistently imposed upon women," 

Lily-Rose Depp continued. That has certainly been the case historically a lot.