Loki season 2 release date, cast, teaser, and breaking news

We've got a release date! Season 2 sees the return of the deity of mischief.

It is taking place! Loki season 2 has a release date, with the god of mischief returning later this year.

The return of Loki was confirmed in the season one end credits sequence, with Tom Hiddleston poised to reprise his role in the Disney Plus series following that extremely dramatic finish.

Loki Season 2 will premiere on Disney Plus on October 6, 2023.

It's a little later than planned, given that many fans were expecting a summer 2023 release, but the god of mischief is worth the wait.

Marvel confirmed the news in May 2023, alongside the announcement that the new series Echo will premiere in November.

Season 2 will see the return of several Loki cast members, including Tom Hiddleston in the main character. The following are confirmed.

Tom Hiddleston as Loki Laufeyson Sophia Di Martino as Sylvie Laufeydottir Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Ravonna Renslayer

Eugene Cordero as Casey/Hunter K-5E Owen Wilson as Mobius M. Mobius Ke Huy Quan as TBC