Luke Grimes Opens Up About 'Yellowstone' Upset 

– The midseason finale of Yellowstone Season 5 left fans eagerly awaiting more episodes.

Luke Grimes, who portrays Kayce Dutton, expressed his appreciation to fans on Instagram for their continuous support. 

– In a recent Instagram post, he thanked fans for tuning in to the show and revealed that his song, "No Horse to Ride," was featured in an episode.

– Fans had mixed reactions, with excitement about the music news but frustration about the wait for new episodes.

– The season 5 premiere of Yellowstone broke records with 12.1 million viewers, and the season consists of 14 episodes, the largest yet.

– The details about the upcoming episodes and the return of beloved characters, such as John Dutton played by Kevin Costner, are still unknown.

– Luke Grimes is currently working on his debut album as a country singer and is scheduled to perform at the Stagecoach music festival.

– Fans are eagerly counting down the months until the show's return while Luke pursues his musical endeavors.