Mark Consuelos Loses It on the Morning Show After Kelly Ripa Calls Him Out for Interrupting Her 'Bama Rush' Documentary

The powerful daytime pair is back at it. Kelly Ripa, 52, told a personal story to fans on a recent episode of Live with Kelly and Mark (which made her husband giggle).

She recalled her fruitless attempt to watch the new HBO Max documentary, Bama Rush, and how things didn't quite go as planned.

Mark Consuelos, 52, Ripa's husband, explains in a new video released on the Live Instagram page that he went to watch the one-woman Broadway piece,

Prima Facie, lead by Killing Eve alum, Jodie Comer.When he got home after the show, Ripa (who was watching the Bama Rush

documentary) halted the show and politely asked her husband if he enjoyed the game. "[I was] expecting him to say 'It was great' or 'I didn't like it,'" she tells the audience in the video.

But she didn't get that response. Instead, the Live Wire author claims Consuelos reenacted parts of the play in front of her, utterly catching her off guard.

"Oh, I didn't realize he was going to act out the whole play here in the bedroom," Ripa jokes, trying a smile.

Consuelos bursts out laughing. "You're such a good wife," he adds in the video. Ripa attempted to watch Bama Rush for the second time.

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