"Married At First Sight" Should Extend This Season for More Drama

There has never been a greater need for more information about the lives of our favorite reality stars.

Married At First Sight is the most recent show to change the established order by adding a new dimension. 

Recently, programs like Love is Blind and 90 Day Fiancé have given viewers more to see than what happens in their first seasons.

 A new After The Altar episode of Love is Blind shows viewers what happens to the contestants' lives after the season, 

from how the couples who stayed together are beginning their next chapter to how the single people are going back out there looking for love. After The 90 Days, the same holds true.

With its decision to extend Season 16 past Decision Day, Married At First Sight made a similar decision. By choosing to go in this direction,

 the well-known Lifetime institution is keeping up with the times while also appeasing its fans by bringing them into the post-Decision Day period the following week. 

Married At First Sight didn't waste a single week by diving right into the lives of its cast as they reintegrated into their normal lives or,

if they remained together, their new adventure, unlike a show like After The Altar that airs separately and after some time has passed.