Miami's sports boom recalls 1972, LA's finest year.

Miami, Florida had a wonderful sporting year in 2023, as did the surrounding towns of Sunrise and Boca Raton. In men's and. 

Women's basketball, the Miami Hurricanes advanced to the NCAA Final Four and Elite Eight, respectively. A Boca Raton university.

Florida Atlantic, advanced to the men's final four. A few days after the Florida Panthers went to the NBA Finals, the Miami Heat have now.

Panthers did the same with the Stanley Cup. What a gold rush for one cluster of nearby communities in South Florida.

Miami's 2023 may go down in history as the greatest year for any city in American sports if the Heat defeat the Denver Nuggets and. 

The Panthers triumph over the Las Vegas Golden Knights to claim their first-ever Stanley Cup. Maybe.However, the year 1972 in Los Angeles is currently a better sporting year for.  

An American city than the NBA Finals and Stanley Cup Final. In our 15-part 2020 series on The Los Angeles Sports Empire.

Which covers the years 1958-1989 and details when the City of Angels was a city of champions, we wrote about this topic.