Michael J. Fox calls sobriety following Parkinson's diagnosis "a knife fight in a closet"

In his amazing existence, Michael J. Fox has been a "Family Ties" Young Republican, a "Back to the Future" time traveler, and a "Spin City" political strategist. Until Parkinson's disease, he wasn't a pumpkin.

"Excuse me, please." During a Zoom chat from New York, Fox asks. "I'm pumpkinizing."

The actor says he coined the phrase for times like this when his degenerative brain disease's uncontrollable tremors reach unbearable proportions.

Fox, 61, adds, "When it's falling apart, it's like I have two minutes before I become a full-on pumpkin on the side of the road here," as he swallows a tablet with a drink of water. "My friends use that expression."

Davis Guggenheim's "Still" tells Fox's whole biography, from struggling actor to global stardom to Parkinson's champion after he officially revealed the brain condition in 1998.

Fox is interviewed throughout, and Guggenheim fills in his real life with '80s scenes from "Family Ties" and "Back to the Future

"Michael J. Fox's life is a wild ride, he was an icon of the ’80s," Guggenheim explains. "How fun would it be to watch this movie and feel like you're watching a '80s movie?"

Fox's first date and kiss with Tracy Pollan, his wife of 34 years, are depicted with footage from "Family Ties," where they met, and 1988's "Bright Lights, Big City."