Mike Ness of Social Distortion Discloses Tonsil Cancer Diagnosis

Mike Ness of Social Distortion has been diagnosed with stage one tonsil cancer and is expected to recover fully from surgery, the singer/guitarist said on social media this morning (June 7).

Ness, 61, says he was diagnosed before Social Distortion entered Sunset Sound in Los Angeles to produce its ninth studio album. 

"I was feeling well enough to keep recording in the studio until the day before surgery," Ness explained. 

The band and I were so inspired and excited to lay down these tracks, which, by the way, sound f-ing AWESOME!"

Ness went on to say that it is "a day-by-day process, and in three weeks we start radiation, which should be the last therapy I need."

To give Ness time to heal, the band has postponed its summer tour dates in the Midwest, East Coast, and Canada,

as well as the scheduled early 2024 release of its first album since 2011's Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes.

While it will take a bit longer, I guarantee it will be delivered and will exceed your expectations," Ness stated.