Molly Burnett is leaving SVU before the 25th season.

Molly Burnett, who plays Detective Grace Muncy on Law & Order: SVU, is no longer a regular cast member of the show, TVLine has learned.

In Thursday's two-hour SVU/Organized Crime combination, which was also the season finales of both shows, the character's departure was made clear.

At one point in the first hour, Muncy told Velasco that Chief McGrath had been so pleased with her work on the Elias Olsen case that he had offered her a promotion to a task force. 

Then, at the end of the second hour, Fin gave Muncy a hug and told her he would miss her as she packed up her desk to go to her new job, which she had apparently accepted off-screen.

.Friday, Wolf Entertainment tweeted a longer version of Muncy and Velasco's farewell:Burnett didn't stay in the squad room for long.

She started working on the show in July 2022, playing an officer from the Bronx Gang Unit who joined Benson's Special Victims Unit at the beginning of Season 24. 

 Days of Our Lives, Queen of the South, Chicago P.D., and FBI: Most Wanted are all shows she has been in before.

There's a good chance that Benson, who is now a captain, would be Stabler's boss in this new arrangement. This could go wrong, right, or so wrong it's right.

From previous SVU/OC crossovers, we know that Sgt. Bell and Capt. Benson work well together. Wouldn’t it be cool to see them do so on a weekly basis