Mountain lion or cougar Florida panther

The big cat of the Americas is referred to as the puma.

Pumas once lived in a variety of habitats and climates, from the far north of Canada to the southernmost tip of South America. 

Big cats were also known as mountain lions, pumas, catamounts, panthers, and cougars by early explorers and indigenous peoples.

The puma's range was roughly cut in half by modern hunting, habitat loss, and fragmentation.

Six recognized subspecies of Puma concolor were produced as a result of the population isolation.

Puma concolor coryi, a subspecies of the Florida panther, is unique to southern Florida and cannot be found anywhere else on Earth.

One of the most endangered mammals in the nation, the Florida panther is a cat of secrecy.

It is rarely seen and has an estimated population of only 200 adults and subadults.