Create Miniature Wearable Designs as a Nail Artist

Like sculptors and painters, nail artists are experts. These artists use nails instead of clay. Nail technicians clean, polish, and shape nails.

Nail artists—what are they?

Every nail tech can trim, file, polish, and buff natural nails. This job requires applying and clipping false nails everyday. 

Their Role?

Nail techs can become nail artists. Technicians view nail changes as physical.

Nail Artist vs. Tech: What's the Difference?

Nail artists have many training and education options depending on their skill set. If you want to work in a salon or the entertainment business, you must first train as a nail tech. 

Becoming a Nail Artist

After high school or GED, you must attend cosmetology school to become a nail technician. You'll learn how to apply acrylic paint finishes, shape imitation nails, and care for natural nails. 

Nail Tech/Artist School

Most new nail artists attend cosmetology school, but you can take a non-traditional course while completing an apprenticeship if it suits your lifestyle. Career Growth

Manicure Classes

Working as a nail technician for several years will provide you a good basis before delving into nail art. Learn from the world's top nail artists. Develop a signature style by practicing on friends, relatives, or even your own nails.A cheeky

Nail artists have good prospects. Nail technicians and artists are expected to expand 22% by 2031. If you're a nail technician or considering becoming one, now is the time to develop your artistic talents.

Second Career