'Nasty' American Idol judge reportedly ready to retire following season of criticism.

Katy Perry, who has received significant flak from "American Idol" viewers, is reportedly considering leaving the show.

Katy had a rough time on the most recent season of the ABC show since she was frequently booed for critiquing performances. 

The mom-shaming of another competitor led to her departure from the program, and the "Firework" singer was also criticized for this.

Katy began to worry that she wasn't getting support from above as this unfolded.

Katy believes that the makers have abandoned her. "She thinks her remarks could have been edited out,"

Katy was shocked to learn of the severe remarks. She was deeply hurt by the audience's boos. She just wanted to perform her job and get out of there.

The insider went on to say, "She got into ["Idol"] thinking she was going to promote fresh talent.

The opposite of what she desired was for her kindness to be misunderstood. Despite her impressive resume, she is mostly known as a harsh reality show judge at this point.